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Audio Engineer & Producer

Alex Bohn

Alex Bohn grew up surrounded by the music and arts of Calgary, AB. Wanting to immerse himself further into audio and music he moved to study Digital Audio Arts at The University of Lethbridge. In Lethbridge he discovered his passion for working with musicians and the thrill of creating high quality recordings. Following this passion Alex won multiple academic and research based awards such as the Joyce and Ron Sakamoto Research Prize.

After his time in Lethbridge, Alex was accepted into the Banff Centre for their audio engineering practicum where he has been able to further pursue and strengthen his passion. At the Banff Centre, Alex worked with multiple high quality musicians in every genre to creating high quality CD, demo, and concert recordings.

Alex has since been accepted into Mcgill’s Master of Music in Sound Recording and will be moving to Montreal to pursue graduate studies

Alex Bohn CV - April 2018

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