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Why choose Me?

Why choose Me.Because I am Dedicated

I want to work with you to help create your vision, and the best project we can make. I am dedicated to the belief that when we combine hardwork, passion and creativity nothing can get in the way of creating something we are proud of.

My Mission

My Mission.To Create New and Innovative Recordings.

To work with you to create high quality recordings and productions in a creative and enjoyable atmosphere.

Why I Do.

What I Do.Explore, Experiment, and Record.

I record, mix, master, and produce music for artists, and film. I enjoy experimenting with different spaces and the concept of spacial audio as well as exploring new and exciting sounds.



Make your music move and flow.



Capture your sound the way it's meant to be heard.



Compete with the hits of today.

Music Production

Sound Design

Let your musical ideas come to life.

*Prices are based per project. Contact for Quotes.

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