Alex Bohn,
Audio Engineer & Sound Designer,
Based in Montreal.

Began in 2010. I have Recorded and Produced many different genres for musicians and bands across the globe. Based in the city of Montreal, I specialize in Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering, & Sound Design for Artists and Film.




Make your music move and flow.



Capture your sound the way it's meant to be heard.



Compete with the hits of today.

Music Production

Sound Design

Let your ideas come to life.

My Mission
To work with you to create high quality recordings and productions in a creative and enjoyable atmosphere.
What I Do?
I record, mix, master, and produce music for artists, and film. I enjoy experimenting with different spaces and the concept of spacial audio as well as exploring new and exciting sounds.
My Values
To create and prepetuate high quality music in a positive and creative environment.

Clients Say.

Alex is great to work with and is always keen to take on more sessions. He is punctual and works hard to do the best job pssible, in any given circumstance.

Whitney Ota Music Director - CJSW 90.9FM.

A little while back we recorded some demos with Alex Bohn, and it was a very pleasant experience. Alex is knowledgable and professional (more professional than us). Check him out for your recording needs!

Erin Jenkins Crystal Eyes
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Phone: (587) 7778977